IBPS IT Officer Syllabus

IBPS IT Officer Recruitment is done via the Common Written Exam (CWE) for Specialist Officers. The exam was started in the year 2012 when all the Public Sector Banks decided to recruit staff based on the Score in a common exam.

The test consists of Reasoning, English, Quantitative Aptitude and Computers and IT. The maximum weightage is given to the professional knowledge test. Let’s go through the detailed syllabus.

IBPS IT Officer Syllabus:

Total Questions: 200

Maximum Marks: 200

Time Allotted: 2 hours

1. Test of Reasoning (50 Questions, 50 Marks)

2. Test of English Language (50 Questions, 25 Marks)

3. Quantitative Aptitude (50 Questions, 50 Marks)

4. Computer and IT (50 Questions, 75 Marks)

IBPS IT Officer Professional Knowledge Syllabus:

This is an indicative syllabus for Professional Knowledge section for IBPS IT Officer Exam:

  1. Computer
  2. Information Technology (IT) – Basics, Concept of IT, Scope of IT
  3. Computer Usage: Computers for information storage, information seeking, information processing and information transmission
  4. Elements of Computer System computer hardware and software
  5. Data Types:  numeric data, alpha numeric data; contents of a program, processing
  6. Computer Organization, block diagram of a computer, CPU, memory, Input devices; keyboard, mouse etc.; output devices; VDU and Printer, Scanner, Plotter, Electrical requirements, inter-connections between units, connectors and cables
  7. Secondary storage; magnetic disks - tracks and sectors, optical disk (CD and DVD Memory), primary and secondary memory: RAM, ROM, PROM etc., Capacity; device controllers, serial port, parallel port, system bus
  8. Device management and input - output (I/O) management with respect of windows
  9. System and Software Installation
  10. Operating Systems such as MS-DOS and Windows
  11. Special features, various commands of MS word and MS-Excel
  12. About the internet - server types, connectivity (TCP/IP, shell); applications of internet like: e-mail and browsing
  13. Various Browsers like WWW (World Wide Web); Hyperlinks; HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol); FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
  14. Basics of Networking - LAN, WAN, Topologies
  15. Data Base Management System (DBMS)

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